Btw, I bellydance as well as write novels!

        Yeah. I bellydance. And I’m mormon! So you can add that to your encyclopedia of the unexpected. I practice with my tribe once a week, maybe more if I care to get some lessons from the Arabic bellydancers (they don’t make up a tribe).


There’s different times of bellydancing, you see. The kind I’m doing in here is American Tribal bellydancing. I’ve been getting more into Arabic. That’s the sexy kind most people imagine as bellydancing–with lots of shawls and hip wiggles. The summers are always full of festivals that we dance at. Most of us are married and a good deal have kids. It’s sort of a traditional woman’s hang out. I’ll be posting more on this particular hobby of mine when it has to do with some of the novels I have written (which I am thinking of publishing—ooo, fancy. ^.^)


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