Check out my list of rejections so far for my ancient Egyptian fantasy novel. >)

And for Pete’s sake, if you’re one of those weirdos that correct the punctuation and consistency of every freaking little thing, from Cafe’ Rio receipts to your science teacher’s grammar, just try to turn off your brain for this. It’s just a list, not the freaking Constitution.  

Bradford Literary Agency
Ella Kahn– Diamond Kahn and woods
Amanda Panitch– Lippincott Massie Mcquilkin
Kristy Hunter–Knight agency
Jordy Albert–Booker Albert Agency
Meredith Bernstein agency
Jennifer Jackson–Donald Maass literary agency
Marlene Stringer–Stringer literary agency
Sara Megibow–KT literary agency
Suzie Townsend–New Leaf Literary agency
Sandy Lu–L. Perkins Agency
Rich Henshaw–Richard Henshaw Group
James Schiavone–Schiavone Literary Agency
Marcia Amsterdam–Marcia Amsterdam Agency
Bridget Smith–Dunham Literary, inc
Emily Keyes–Fuse Literary
Kate McKean–Howard Morhaim Literary Agency
Tamar Rydzinski–Laura Dail Literary Agency
Diana Fox– Fox Literary Agency
Bernadette Baker-Baughman–Victoria Sanders Ass
Alexandra Machinist–ICM Partners agency
Laura Zats–read so fa literary agency
Donna Morris–sassafrasbook
Russell Galen–sgglit
Monica Pacheoco–Anne McDermid and Associates
Courtney Brooks–Talcott Notch Literary
Saritza Hernandez–Corvisiero agency
Jennifer Azantian–Azantian Literary Agency

And as of April 17th, here is also what I have:

Kristin Nelson–Nelson Literary Agency
Diver–Knight agency
Carina Press
Jack Byrne –Sternig & Byrne Literary Agency
Kate Johnson–Wolf Literary Services
Josh Getzler–HSG Agency
Dan Lazar and Victoria Doherty–writer’s house
Cameron McClure–Donald Maass Literary Agency
Eleanor Wood—Spectrum Agency

Beth Campbell–BookEnds, LLC


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