The Graphic Flecks of My Blood and Vomit, a.k.a., My Query Letter

Feel free to tear this up as you wish. It’s a bit too late, I’ve sent about half a hundred of these out, so your corrections will only make me cry in a corner that I hadn’t seen that sooner. Otherwise, laugh at me, applaud me, put a finger to your chin, or take a drink of your cranberry juice and head on to the next blog. 

Dear (insert the name of the agent or editor I’m interested in here):

I am seeking representation for my historical fantasy novel. (Based off of what I read of the agent’s/editor’s interests, I put my reasoning here as to why I think my particular novel will be a good fit for their list).

Journal of the Nile takes place in ancient Egypt through the eyes of a newly crowned pharaoh who must scramble to rescue his country from a Nubian necromancer’s attempts to win his love. He does so, but only with the reluctant help of a slave who professes to come from a land called “North Dakota.”

When the young Egyptian prince saves the daughter of a necromancer during his father’s genocide of her kin, he unwittingly earns her love. His attention, however, is drawn to a mysterious and spirited young woman he put in chains who claims to be from the future. When a string of virgins are grotesquely murdered, his general is kidnapped, and a deadly plague is started, she is brought into the limelight as well as into the pharaoh’s heart and the necromancer’s jealousy. Not only that, but the pharaoh’s best friend and adviser attempts to claim the slave as his own, believing she is his dead wife reborn.

Behind these battles for love, death rises from the Nile to overtake the unaware pharaoh and all his people with him.

For the god of death will not be ignored, and nor shall his army of the undead.

Journal of the Nile is complete at 108,000 words and will be my debut novel. I have a bachelors in creative writing from Southern Utah University and I work at home as a freelance ghostwriter and content editor. I publish an online, weekly serial that is quite popular, but other than that, have yet to take my first step into traditional publishing (This last sentence I just added recently to an agent who request to know whatever publishing history you have (so demanding…).)

Thank you so much for your time! I hope you find what you are looking for.



Taylor S. Lowe

(Contact information here, but you don’t need to know that because you’re not stalkers…are you.)


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