Bellydance Gone African!

Hiya! Just to show off some of my solo pictures. I got the opportunity to do a dance to PianoGuys “Peponi” with my husband’s African club (totally don’t know how to spell its correct name). It was pretty fun, and I did better than I thought I would.

But yeah! Check ’em out! And just as a side note, this is the most skin I’ve ever shown in a show before. Usually I wear a chollie (a kind of short shirt), under my bellydance bra. But I painted a ton on my arms and stuffs. We are also taught to wear a wrap over ourselves whenever we aren’t dancing or on stage for modesty’s sake. So no freaking out, it’s just the art style of bellydance. We’re also required to wear a huge skirt and pants, but as you can see, I went a bit nontraditional here.


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