The Trials of an Egyptian Author

Sooooo, I thought my story idea was cliche. At least over used. I mean, time travel to Egypt with magic and necromancers and gods and death? Pfft. Right?

Then, about two years ago after I finished the second draft, I actually tried looking for a book like mine, because, well, you write the book you want to read, right? Right? I’m repeating myself a lot.

The point is, couldn’t find it (besides that one Red Pyramid-something or other by the guy who wrote Percy Jackson–has the same cover art style and everything and not enough romance). I either found stories that took place in Ancient Egypt, erotic Romance (because hey, if you go back in time to do the hot pharaoh, it doesn’t count), and mystery thrillers that involved an archaeologist popping open the wrong tomb and a bunch of bad guys wanting to get a hold of the cursed treasure. Did I mention all those girly stories about Cleopatra? Yeah. Everyone loves Cleopatra.

Maybe I’m just blind, but I think I just found an unopened niche here that has only been filled by fanfiction. Well, if I’m right, higgedy do dah I’m either a genius or am about to make a huge mistake.

If it is a huge mistake…I’ll just write more books. >) Buwahahaha.


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