Shoot Me

Who wishes to shoot me down
and for what cause?
I stand to reach the hand
of the one
who raised me
from the darkness
of my closet,
not to beat
or defy you.
why do you go to war
against a child
for a Father?

Is it really I
you war against?

I am not titanium.
Your bullets will kill me.
But it isn’t death
or pain
that I fear,
but Jacob’s ladder
beneath me.
What is the end
compared to falling
from heaven?

But you’ve fallen
so many times,
you don’t even know
you have.
Blind, but thinking
you see monsters
where there is but
little children,
you flail and rage
against the world.
But others do not dare
to shout
a warning
to hold your fire,
or to ask you
why you hold a gun
in the first place.

But I will let you.
Go ahead.
Shoot me.

Because I have no right
to stop you.

But for what cause
do you shoot me down?


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