54 Queries Later…

Because I thought it was a good idea to write a YA romance between a student and a teacher! That’s not illegal at all. Oh, and write about anxiety disorders….

This is probably a bad time for it, since I’ve already sent it to every literary agent on the whole damn planet that might be a little bit interested, but here is the query for my next book (which, no, isn’t a sequel to ‘Out of Duat’–it’s actually an entire different genre). But, if you got a mo, tell me what you think, since I’m actually being daring with my subject choice.

Erase Me is complete at little under 60,000 words. The story follows the main character’s struggle and eventual triumph over severe social anxiety, abuse, and self-doubt through music, love, and friendship.

Jasmine takes shy to a new level. Her first reaction to public speaking is to throw up—forget about public singing, which is what she is asked to do by the choir teacher’s college intern, Brion Hemsworth. Jasmine doesn’t give a damn that she has talent, but adulthood is just around the corner, and her best friend and ex-gang member, Sam, is right: you can’t do job interviews stuttering like an old washing machine on high. Lessons on singing in front of peeps can’t be too far from speaking in front of them, right? Thus, she bites the bullet and accepts Brion’s offer.

But life just gets more screwed up when the wrestling coach, Mr. Kent, thinks Jasmine has overheard something she did not. Mr. Kent uses altered pictures of Sam doing illegal drugs to blackmail Jasmine into doing whatever he wants. Now it’s not just her future hanging on whether she can overcome her anxiety disorder, but Sam’s as well.

All the while, Brion, who has fallen for Jasmine (despite the issues of a possible teacher-student relationship), encourages her forward with music lessons and secret poems. Yet, in the end, it isn’t just his love that makes all the difference, but the love of her Sam.

Concerning my writing experience, I have a bachelor’s degree in creative writing from Southern Utah University and have worked as a freelance ghostwriter for the past two years. I also self-published a young adult romantic fantasy book on Amazon that has done moderately well, titled “Out of Duat.”

I would be happy to send a copy of Erase Me and have included a synopsis and first fifty pages (double-spaced), as requested in your submissions guidelines. Please feel free to contact me anytime at (because stalkers are real…though why anyone would want to stalk me…). Thank you for considering Erase Me.



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