Identity Theif

A man from India
lied to my ear,
to siphon from me
American cash
for his hard worked

“Scam,” they say
in the spirit of
the Victorian age,
unable to just say

Cut the connection.
Slice the red line.
No one safe
from the curse
of the land.

And all their gold
will become

You don’t even know
my name.

A man from India
lied to my face.
“Date of birth, please,
and your number.”

“Your identity.”


4 thoughts on “Identity Theif

  1. They’re my thoughts and my anxiety and my somewhat flailing attempt to describe how I feel, as it is difficult for me to do. I’m not very good at communicating. I find myself baffled, affronted, and somewhat fearful that I could be lured into losing my identity and all I own without having to leave my house or even do much more online besides writing stories. Interesting implies a new or clever way of seeing things, and I’m not sure how this could be that. *shrug* Doesn’t everyone feel that way? Though how should I know?

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