Hate Me ‘Cause I’m Good

The music connects us
through hills of Carolina
though hate me
’cause I’m good.
I’ll love you,
because I am.

Distilled through rivers
you’ve never seen,
I hear pinings
of Blood and Fire
and warm desert springs
though you hate me
’cause I’m good.
But oh,
how much I love you.

Strings of guitars
and violins
run through our ribs
and knot to our hearts,
humming to winds Mariah,
Icko Icko,
though each beat
you hate me
’cause I’m good.
Though I’ll sing it
’cause I love you.

Thousand miles
of desert sage
and ocean front,
cannot defer
the mountain calls
of Wildfire banjo twangs
which we both hear
though you hate me,
’cause I’m good.
And hate me more
’cause I love you.

Because Mama lied.
Being good
makes them hate you,
even though
you still hear
Fast Cars across the border
and Chess’s Mountain Duets.
is on nobody’s side,
though you hate me,
because I’m good.
And I’m sorry
that I love you.


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