Free Copies of My Books!

I have entered both “Erase Me” and “Out of Duat” into the writing contest on Part of the competition is to not only be able to get rid of 100 free promotional copies of your books, but also to get those copies to the right readers so that they will leave behind good reviews. It’s the reviews that make or break the deal on whether you win or not.

Thus, I’m posting up to you guys how to get a hold of some of those free copies! Below I will include a link to the synopsis of each book (so you can see if your interested or not). If you like what you see:

  1. Go to
  2. Search up the title of the book in the search bar of the right hand corner. My author name should be ‘LoweFantasy or T.S. Lowe.’
  3. Click it. The page for the book should have a big blue button you can’t miss that says ‘Get free copy here!’ If you can’t see it, it’s your ad blocker in your browser that’s doing that.


I hope you enjoy! Here are the books:

Out of Duat


Erase MeErase Me Cover draft 2


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