For Truth, No Matter What

Somebody tell me
that when I say ‘you’re wrong’
and say it’s the truth
that you’ll believe me.

God told me to.
Daddy told me to.
To tell you that you’re wrong.
To stand up for truth.

How do I even do that?

What’s the difference
between standing for truth
and picking a fight?
No contention, God said.

But prophets are killed.

I am no prophet.

I’m but a young mother
struggling to do right
by the angel I’ve been given.
I’m just fighting
to make ends meet
and do the right thing
in the process.
What will me standing up
and saying ‘you’re wrong’
When you think little of me anyways?
Little of me,
and of what I say?
Say I am being pushy–
shoving religion
down their throats.

They’ll stone me.

And say I threw the first stone.

Father, what do you mean?
Stand for truth–how?
“You’re wrong, that’s wrong,
it’s damaging,

I tremble!
I’m cowardly!

Respect others beliefs
but stand for truth
while not causing contention,
but truth, truth, truth
no matter the consequence.
Tolerance and open mind
but stand–stand up!


And why is it no one sees
the real me
when I say it?


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