When There is No Difference Between a Saint and Sinner

I understand now.
Why many fear my religion.
Why prophets were stoned,
why there is such a thing
as a martyr.

When you are doing
the best you believe
you can,
to do what is right–
or rather,
to be happy,
and someone tells you
that not only are you evil
but you are
that you know nothing,
that you don’t even know

It’s frightening.

Because what if they’re right?

When you are doing
all you believe
will lead you to
what you want
and happiness
and someone tells you
that happiness
is a lie,
and that what you want
will throw you to hell…

That’s frightening.

Because they could be right.

Someone called me evil,
my attempts, my religion, my God,
and all my efforts to be good
a selfish act,
an evil act.

So what is the difference
between me and them?
What makes the saint
and what makes the rebellious?
Who is owner of such pain?

Some would say
because there is no truth.
Only just perception.

Until you know
to the base of your soul,
that there’s no way
they can be right,
what difference is there?
Perhaps that’s what God means
when He says
“Do not fear.”

But still…
I understand.
And it only
makes me
Because it means
we can’t be


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