Query! Wonder how I’ll do?

Aaaaaaand it’s time again to walk around New York with a sandwich board without food, water, shelter, or love! Or, in other words, I’ve finished revising another novel and it’s time for me to let it loose. 

Let me know what you guys think of how I did on my query this time:

Dear : (insert whoever here)

I am seeking representation for my contemporary young adult novel Don’t Look Close. Given your interest in the genre, I thought it might be a good fit for your list. Below is a summary.


Computer geek Aurora is happy. She’s used to being the new kid at school every year, so she doesn’t worry about what other people think. She doesn’t have any issues with herself. Life is good. She hasn’t just been kicked out of her home to live with her distant biological father. She doesn’t have an abusive ex-boyfriend who is more or less stalking her, and she most definitely doesn’t feel out of place in the rich-snob private school her oblivious father has enrolled her in. And just because one of her new friends is handsome, witty, and better at hacking than she is doesn’t mean she’s in love.


So, please, don’t look close.


Don’t Look Close is complete at 63,000 words. I have a bachelor’s degree in creative writing from Southern Utah University and have worked as a freelance ghostwriter for the past two years. I have also self-published two young adult books under the name of T.S. Lowe: Erase Me and Out of Duat.


I would be happy to send a copy of Don’t Look Close and have included ….as requested in your submissions guidelines. Please feel free to contact me at (541)266-8490 or tayslowe@gmail.com. Thank you for considering Don’t Look Close.





T.S. Lowe



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