Is There Love in Shame?

You chose me
for eternity.
Picked me
for the pinkest
of romantic
Never leave.
Never doubt.

So why do I
embarrass you?

Beloved, sweet,
you call my name.
Gently claiming
a delight in my word,
my voice,
and yet it seems
if I don’t stay shut,
every sound in public
I make
is your dismay.

Why are you
by me?

You say
you do not care
what others think.
After all,
we’re lovers
till the end,
God sealed, God made,
and yet, to strangers,
you pick me out
for conflict,
because I chose to laugh
or speak
at the wrong time.

Now I’m
embarrassed by me.

It seems obtuse
that I, your soul mate,
would need to leave
and be alone
in order to be myself
and avoid your shame.
But I, my love,
am tossed on waves
and winds
of changing moods
and tastes,
that decide what words
will work for you
and what is just
too far.

And in my shame
I find myself
because of you.


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