Here’s some lyrics to a song I wrote for a story where a rock star falls in love with a Mormon and is inevitably dumped by her because his standards aren’t the same as hers. And yes, it does end happily, but it doesn’t seem so at first. An no, he doesn’t become Mormon just for her and she doesn’t compromise her standards for him. You’d just have to read it to find out.

You told me never to compromise,

That I was good despite what God says

And even if I stand alone, at the end,

There’d be enough goodness for me saved.



But now it’s all different

Because heaven went off course,

And I’m the one who’s meant to change

Even though you are the source.

The source of my indifference


You told me to stay on course

Because every day you saw my strength

But now I’m crumbling at the drop

That keeps you at arm’s length.


You told me to not mince my words

Even though they caused you pain.

And now it bites me in the ass

Because you don’t feel the same.




Are we so different?

That now you have to leave?

I’m not different.

And I know that’s just who you are.

Can’t it be okay?

That we’re so different?

Or is this the blame

Waiting for me from the start?




You told me that you loved me?

Is that still the same?

Because I still want you

Different or how you came.


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