The Me


I’m Taylor. I have a degree in Creative Writing from Southern Utah University and I work as a part time freelance ghostwriter who specializes in speed writing (my limit is 30,000 words a week), as well as content editing. My main job, though, is as a stay at home mom taking care of my adorable little boy and my awesome husband, who, if you stick around long enough, you will find is a dream and makes every other guy in the world look like a loser at love.

But no hard feelings.

I tend to not think before I talk, which makes me a wonderful speed writer, but not the best friend for the sensitive types. This isn’t to mean that I’m, at heart, rude and mean. I actually NEVER intend to offend anyone (even my enemies), and I love helping and meeting new people. I do everything I can to be nice, but at the end of the day, after offending people with out meaning to, I get to my blog with my already measly filter a bit worn out. So, if anything I say offends you, I deeply apologize. Though, for your own sake, I may have to suggest you just not read my stuff anymore.

Because, at this point, I just want a place where I don’t have to worry my brain into a gutter over offending someone.

And, as Stephen King says, “When a writer omits something they fear may deeply offend their readers, they are no longer writing honestly. Some topics are likely to offend readers regardless if they are carefully sugar-coated or not.”

Also, as a writer, I’m just going to offend someone eventually, no matter how hard I try, and in the end it will only hurt my writing.

Oh, I love Legend of Zelda and Poke’mon (yeah yeah, I’m 23 and should be over that, I know), among other RPG games. Books and writing are a stupid given, I want to live in a hobbit hole some day, and if I have to think about politics it’s only to realize that we’re all going down the drain. I hate stories that never end, beets, something my husband does that I’m never going to tell you (because he might try to be supportive one day by reading this), and when I forget to read my chickens…like probably now. Frick…

Sooo…there you go. Oh! And I set a picture of my family up here. It’s a bit old, but aren’t we cute! And eventually I’ll get to rereading this page and editing it as I writhe in humiliation that I made such a stupid mistake with an English degree, blah blah blah.


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