So I don’t know why I have an attraction to children’s animes, but I love to laugh at them, and then come up with stories that put them in a serious light taken from an older perspective (essentially showing why I laugh at them).

In Beyblade, I enjoyed how serious a multi-series, multi-generation show got with a game of spinning tops. But, once you’ve seen these metal, razor edged, beast-possessed tops take down a whole building, you start to get ideas that the show’s writers feared to go near or even suggest to the children’s audience, even though I guarantee you every kid thought it: if these Beyblades are so powerful, doesn’t that mean they’re dangerous to people? If so, why aren’t they used as weapons? Why aren’t more people killed by these rather extreme battles? And why stupid razor, titanium tops of all things? What ever happened to old fashion guns (besides old fashion censorship)?

Thus, I revisited my childhood and took an innocent show where it shouldn’t go by mixing in a bit of Assassin’s Creed, James Bond, and a good old dash of sarcasm.

Before Beasts, There Was Sound

A strange girl has been coerced into stealing Tyson’s soul along with his bitbeast. All she has to do is sing. Without the ability to win back their bit beasts and souls in a fair match, Kai may have to resort to the skills the Abbey had really taught him. He may have to use his Beyblade to kill, and he has little room for mercy.

published:2016     word count: 20,400     genre: action/suspense    status: complete

Before Beasts, There Was Fire

Everyone on the team is taken with Ayah-except Kai. No way is he about to let his guard down to the inhuman girl who had just stolen their souls, no matter her good intentions or her unearthly beauty. Besides, he has bigger fish to fry. After all, he had just unleashed his assassin’s blade on the world, and someone from Biovolt has noticed…and isn’t pleased.

published: 2016    word count: 20,700    genre: action/suspense/romance    status: complete

Before Beasts, There Was Wind

Kai is burnt by Dranzer, which is a first. If that was the only strange thing he could handle it, but then he is kidnapped by his old Biovolt assassin’s ring just to find someone new has taken over, someone who isn’t entirely human. Now a monster seeks to use Kai’s killing beyblade to clear the earth for his species, and if Kai doesn’t cooperate, the Bladebreakers will be killed.

published: 2017    word count: 20,800    genre: action/suspense/romance    status: complete

Before Beasts, There Was Water

Kai should have burned to death. Somehow, he wasn’t, but Dranzer has vanished, his body is going through some sickly changes, and Max has jumped overboard and vanished into the depths of the sea. Ayah’s song has done more to Kai and Max than just given them a power boost to survive Cain, and no one knows what, why, or whether they will live through it.

published: 2017   word count: 3,000   genre: action/fantasy/romance    status: in-progress


Hillary doesn’t want to have a crush on Kai. For one, he could never like someone like her, the glorified cheerleader, and probably doesn’t even like girls. So, what does Tyson’s bad timing in sneaking into a creepy, abandon house have to do with it?

published: 2017   word count: 16,800    genre: romance/horror    status: in-progress


Ray lays an egg and it’s very serious business.

published: 2017   word count:2,300    genre: humor    status: complete