Erase Me

Jasmine is ruled by her anxiety disorder. Sadly, black mailing coaches, ex-gang member best friends, and stupid-fine music teachers don’t give a damn.

Jasmine takes anxiety to a whole new level. All she wants is to sing in the back of the choir and to convince Sam to play zombie slasher video games with her. But when she draws the attention of a terrifying–but handsome–student music teacher and the school’s wrestling coach, it all goes to pot. One wants her to sing a solo in front of the school without puking, the other wants her to… um… yeah. One of them is willing to use Sam’s shady past with street gangs and drugs to black mail Jasmine into giving him what he wants. Throw in the fact that she may or may not be in love with the other teacher and life just gets unbearably complicated. If she’s ever going to get out of this without putting Sam behind bars, she’s going to have to push through her overwhelming fear of everything, even if it means destroying herself in the process.

Size: 55,000 words/ 260 pages

Genre: Young Adult contemporary romance/drama


For an excerpt/sample: Excerpt from Erase Me

For an electronic copy ($2.99): Click Me!

For a hard copy ($6.99): Click ME!


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