Semi-Dark Poetry…with Milk

Because I’m not really all that dark. Most of us people with anxiety or depression disorders are, by nature, quite desirous to be happy, and most often listen to something other than heavy metal and Evanescence. Most of us only go as far as to slice at our wrists with cheetos, and most of us you might night even know have such dark, heavy, maybe more or less, but just perhaps, suicidal nights.

Thusly, you’ll find not all of my poetry is ‘gee, this sucks,’ stuff. Some of it is even my attempt at being funny, or maybe just a thought here and there–you know, poetry stuff. You can check out my often used tags to get the gist of it, for I often just barf whatever I think the poem is about.

Oh, and I don’t just write poetry. But this is my sort of hidden blog where I stash it, because, well…what else do you do with poetry?