Caffeine is a Lie

Some thoughts on the nature of anxiety and depression disorders and the never ending quest to, not just live with them, but live through them.

LoweFantasy or T.S Lowe

Because I’m about to pass out and I just gulped down a Monster–or rather a quarter of one. I don’t dare drink an entire one unless I want to induce a panic attack. Because juice to keep you awake without freaking out your easily freaked out body just doesn’t exist.

And why can’t I sleep? Oh, a number of factors that every other person comes upon who have a hard time sleeping. I won’t bore you with the details. Just know it’s staying asleep that’s the problem.

And the nightmares.

It’s like I have a masochistic brain without being masochistic myself. Every horrid thing I could think of has already happened to me at night, when I’m suppose to be resting. For a while I tried to deal with these by using the things that left me feeling drained as a cloudy morning by writing horror novels. But there’s no…

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