Shade of Summer Days

Tell my why I prefer naked moonlit nights to the shade of sunny days. I’m not white, I’m the color of murky ocean, curdling beneath me with… Read more “Shade of Summer Days”


It’s Done!

It’s finally here and finally done! Got to see my first book in print! Now I’m just going to go hide away and try not to think about how it will probably horribly fail because first books are always stepping stones and rarely elevators.

…where’s my chocolate?

About Father

He, the great who knows he is great, takes his time with sturdy shoes and a shop full of the world’s next wonders carving for himself a… Read more “About Father”


It’s Just a Stage

So, I have to get a new car. It’s breaking my heart. I have to hug and cry over my bug every time I see it. But, you know,… Read more “It’s Just a Stage”


This is me, all nat-ur-ral in the woods

This is me, all nat-ur-ral in the woods

My sexy pictures are like seeing fairies–few, far in-between, and you have to be on bath salts to see them. Of course, one day I’ll become ridiculously famous but, heck, when will that be?